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March 3, 2011

DTN Partners with Granger to Step up Recycling Efforts

Our main office here at DTN has been recycling for some time. We do different types of paper, batteries, anything possible. To help improve our program DTN has officially signed on with locally owned Granger. This new partnership will allow us to recycle numerous types of paper as well as tin and aluminum cans, and several types of plastic. It will help us to greatly reduce our waste and our costs!

Coming Soon to a Community Near You!

Now that our main office program is underway DTN is working to bring recycling to your own doorstep. We will be launching recycling at two communities very soon now. More to come as I have new news! The goal is to roll out the program in a way that will make it easy for our residents, which in turn, will help to make recycling even more successful.

Local Drop Off Recycling Facilities in Your Area

If you are an avid recycler, or you would like to become one and you currently live at a DTN community don’t despair! Granger has a huge facility located on Wood Road (right near Eastwood Towne Center) where you can recycle. For your convenience Granger has a detailed list of items they accept as well as a map to their Recycling Center:

Granger Drop Off Recycling Center

If you reside in East Lansing there are also options to recycle within the City of East Lansing. They have a drop off location on State Road, right off 127. You can find a long list of items they accept as well as a map to their location at the link below:

East Lansing Recycling

Last but certainly not least is MSU! You can take part in their annual RecycleMania (Going on now). They also have a drop off center located right across from the MSU Surplus Store. Everyone is welcome at this 24/7 recycling station.

Map to MSU Recycling Station

Before you begin your own recycling program check out the guidelines. Sometimes you have to sort, remove bottle caps etc. before items can be accepted. You will also find that not all stations are created equal. Some may accept Plastic #2 while others don’t. Some do glass – but only certain colors. It is all based on what the recycling places can find to do with the items they take in.

Its kind of fun to think of how you will buy that milk jug the next time around! It could be a piece of your patio furniture! The good news is that it will go to good use.



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