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New Uses for Old Things

June 13, 2011

Easy D.I.Y. Ideas to keep Things Spic and Span Clean!

In an effort to be less wasteful and more conscious of stretching my buck as far as it will go, I haverecently tried to re-purpose items that you wouldn’t normally think twice about. The following haveworked wonders, and have surprisingly fulfilled their inanimate responsibilities…two-fold!

Baking Dish Scrubber:

  • Things you will need:  Tin foil, and elbow grease, dirty dishes.
    • After making some of my delicious Chicken Enchiladas, the usual follow-up entails…. Soaking this dishfor an entire day to an entire week (depending on my laziness factor). Solution? I used the tin foil thatwas used to cover it in the oven to clean it. I just rolled it into a ball, and with plain hot water and somescrubbing, it was as good as new!

Soap Scum Buster:

  • Things you will need: A used fabric softener sheet
    • Use number one, making my laundry smell like a spring sunrise. Use number two, cleaning my showerdoors! This one I was pretty skeptical about, but very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. All youhave to do is put a couple drops of water on the sheet, and VOILA! The shower is free of gunk, and itsmells like a spring sunrise.

Window “Towel”:

  • Things you will need:  an old newspaper
    • Newspapers deposit less lint than paper towels do. Plus, they don’t leave any streaks! Just spray onglass cleaner, and wipe. It’s helpful to know that you are technically recycling twice since newspapersare already made of recycled materials.

Pet Hair Remover:

  • Things you will need: a rubber glove
    • This one is absolutely amazing! With two dogs at home, pet hair is an on-going battle that I fight daily.I have found that putting on a damp rubber glove, and just wiping over the area (i.e. furniture, rug)picks up anything and everything. The battle has ended and I did not have to shave my dogs!

With things like these, it’s really easy to bypass repeatedly buying things like paper towels andexpensive cleaners. Using things that are already at your disposal saves time and money. Reduce,reuse, re-purpose!


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