DTN Green

Hello, fellow Spartans!  I’m sure most of you, by virtue of being a student or a member of the community, know about Michigan State’s nderstand what being “Spartan Green” is all about.

Now, it is easier than ever to get involved.

http://bespartangreen.msu.edu/ has a wealth of information on the initiative started by the Office of Campus Sustainability.  The website provides tips for being green in these categories: reduce, reuse/recycle, research/educate, rethink, and redesign.  There are even calculators where you can estimate your personal impact on the environment.  The university also wants you to “tell your green story.”  By letting others know what you do to be green, you motivate others to adopt more sustainable behaviors!

The “Be Spartan Green” website also informs us of what the University is doing to adhere to this initiative.  MSU is using many things to reduce their impact on the environment.  MSU uses motion sensors for classroom lighting, rapidly renewable material such as bamboo, even paint which release fewer toxic fumes.

Get involved, be active, make a difference,and encourage others to do the same.

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